The only bike storage that racks all your bikes easily and reduces clutter

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Rack it and pack it

Bikes can be positioned tightly together in a very small area. FlyRacks cuts bike storage space in half vs. ground storage and takes advantage of unused vertical space even where there's low head room.

Light. Modular. Shipable. Secure.

FlyRacks is modular. Add track to create the ideal rack for the space and the right number of hangers for the bikes. FlyRacks mount on the ceiling or wall. No complicated pulleys, hoists or scratchy hooks, and it locks.

Bike Wheel Compatible

FlyRacks hangers were designed to fit all tire and wheel sizes, even fat bikes. The rubber-coated hanger surface is gentle on wheels.  It also limits wear and tear on the hanger itself. The hangers rotate freely making it easy to position, access and service multiple bikes.

Move it

The sliding hangers allow for easy repositioning of multiple racked bikes. Move bikes out of the way to access shelves and other storage areas. Easily slide the bikes apart to un-rack.

Product Updates

Summer 2019 - Kickstarter Campaign

We'll be launching our crowd funding campaign with Kickstarter this summer as we get ready with our manufacturers and pricing.

May 2019 - Patent Approval

Successful outcome of patent application.  NOA, (Notice of Allowance) for application 15/862,882 . “BIKE HANGER SYSTEM AND METHOD”.

Dec 2018 - Prototypes Finalized

Prototypes and drawings finalized at George Brown College Product Development Exchange lab (PDX). This program facilitates rapid prototyping and fast tracking products to market.

Jun 2018 - Product Explainer

Bike owners are dissatisfied with their current bike storage solution. They want a bike storage solution that is easy to use, reduces clutter and stores all their bikes.  Watch the video to see how the original prototype works in my garage.

Jan 2018 - Patent Applications

FlyRacks is the subject of Patent Pending in the United States & Canada. Other territories are being considered on an as needed basis.