The only bike storage that racks all your bikes easily and reduces clutter

Home organization spending to reach $10.9 Billion by 2019

Garage organizers among fastest growing segments

Demand for organized closets, garages and other home storage areas will rise steadily over the next four years, reaching $10.9 billion in annual sales by 2019, says a study by Freedonia Group. Downsizing baby boomers and first-time householders moving to apartments will drive consumption of shelving systems, specialized storage hardware, and garage systems such as slatwall and cabinetry at a 3.4 percent growth rate through that period.

As storage space within the home becomes satisfied, consumers begin looking at other areas where storage can be optimized, including the garage. As a result, home organization products used in the garage will post the one of the fastest growth rates through 2019, a continuation of decade-long trends.

Source: Woodworking Network Article, 12/14/2015

How FlyRacks work

Customize it

FlyRacks is modular.  Add track to create the ideal rack for the space and the right number of hangers for the bikes.  FlyRacks mount on the ceiling or wall. No complicated pulleys, hoists or scratchy hooks. 

Rack it and pack it

Bikes can be positioned tightly together in a very small area.  FlyRacks cuts bike storage space in half vs. ground storage and takes advantage of unused vertical space even where there's low head room.

Move it

The sliding hangers allow for easy repositioning of multiple racked bikes.  Move bikes out of the way to access shelves and other storage areas. Easily slide the bikes apart to un-rack.

Hang it

FlyRacks hangers were designed to fit all tire and wheel sizes.  Yes, even fat bikes. The rubber-coated hanger surface is gentle on wheels.  It also limits wear and tear on the hanger itself. The hangers  rotate freely making it easy to position, access and service multiple bikes. 

Lock it

Residential bike theft is happening at an alarming rate largely due to the fact that there are very few secure storage options available.  FlyRacks have built-in lock loops and security cables that work with a U-Lock.


"Something so simple makes the storage of my bikes hassle free. Perfect for my garage, and a super-efficient and effective way of storing bikes at my store. All bike shops need to sell and use this system"

D.T. - Bike dealer and service shop - Toronto ON.

"I have a small garage with low ceiling clearance. The mobility of FlyRacks lets me install them right up against a big shelving unit and I simply slide my bikes out of the way when I need access. Its as easy as opening curtains!"

B.C. - Home owner - Toronto ON

"Last year I had three high-end bikes stolen from my backyard shed. It was a major hassle being without my bikes for a month and facing more than $5k in replacement costs. FlyRacks would have helped prevent this."

C.C. - Home owner - Toronto ON

How the competition racks up

Features that matter

Saves space

FlyRacks gets bikes off the floor and utilizes vertical space.  Bikes can be positioned tightly together in a very small area.  FlyRacks cuts bike storage space in half vs. ground storage with the ability to easily move the bikes while they are racked.

Versatile and flexible

Add track and hangers to fit the storage needs.  Bikes can be moved and accessed easily while racked. The modular design also allows for smaller packaging and more affordable shipping.

Easy assembly

FlyRacks mount on the ceiling or wall. The pre-punched track fastens to ceiling joists or wall brackets. Hangers come pre-assembled with rollers.

Strong but gentle

Each hanger is capable of supporting the weight of a heavy bike. The rubber coated hanger surface is gentle on wheels and reduces wear and tear on the hangers (a common problem).

Superior design and usability

The wide-mouth and shallow hanger angle were designed to accommodate all wheel and tire sizes and to make racking multiple bikes easy.

Lockable and secure

Bicycle sales increase every year and bike lovers are buying more expensive bikes.  Reported bike theft is also on the rise with only 1% of stolen bikes recovered.  Home owners are penalized for insurance claims with high deductables and big premium increases.  Bike theft costs consumers millions annually. FlyRacks have integrated lock loops that work with an existing bike lock.