Intellectual Property


FlyRacks is the subject of Patent Pending in the United States & Canada.  Other territories are being considered on an as needed basis.  To request additional information please submit a letter of interest.

Prototype development and testing

FlyRacks has partnered with George Brown College in Toronto in their Product Development Exchange lab (PDX). The lab facilitates rapid prototyping and fast tracking products to market.

Market research

The most recent FlyRacks survey of 120 respondents clearly shows dissatisfaction with current bike storage solutions.  They want a solution that's easy to use, stores all their bikes and reduces clutter.

Competitive analysis

We've looked closely at competitive consumer bike storage products.  We know the options are limited, expensive, hard to buy or ship and hard to use.

Licensing Opportunities

Organizations who may be interested in becoming involved in the further development of FlyRacks can submit a 'Letter of Interest' to the Licensing Agent.